IFP Conference

In the past few years, large formal symposia were eventually held related to PBN. Feedback from the procedure design community was that these events were quite useful, however such events eventually focused too much on speeches and not enough on the consequential interaction. As a result, when an interesting topic for IFP experts was tabled, there was usually not enough time to discuss the issue in depth. This was the motivation to launch the IFP conference, an event specifically dedicated to the Flight Procedure Design community and any related field of expertise.

The first IFP Conference held in June 2017 in Lisbon was a great success and everybody there agreed that we need to hold this event on a regular basis. The rundown as organized at the 2017 event proved to be optimum, so this informal format will be our key element for all future events. The second IFP Conference in Barcelona was equally successful with an even better attendance.

We deliberately do not shop for any sponsorship nor is it meant to be a commercial operation. The participation fee of 300€ per participant is only there to recover the cost of the event. Typically we have about 100 seats available. The rundown is set up in a way that there is always enough time to discuss the presented topics and also other issues.

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