Air Navigation Institute - Introduction

ANI is a State-recognized/approved Training Provider by several ICAO Member States including the State of registry.

Instrument Flight Procedure Design is a complex field of activity in the aviation domain. Air traffic volume grows worldwide, terminal airspaces are more and more congested, navigation technology evolves and environmental constraints become more stringent. A Flight Procedure Designer has to address many issues and good and continuous training on a regular basis are  key elements in creating safe, efficient and economic instrument flight procedures.

For the contemporary Flight Procedure Designer it is vital not only to know the design criteria such as ICAO PANS-OPS or any State-used criteria, but also other related topics such as FMS database coding, geodetics and mapping, aircraft performance and aircraft certification standards. Quality assurance of designed procedures is a mandatory element in the flight procedure process today as well and States are supposed to follow a QA process as stipulated in ICAO material. As a result, a new profession called Flight Validation Pilot also evolved and needs similar expert training to comply with ICAO and State requirements.

The ANI is one of the world’s most reknown institutions to provide training for the Flight Procedure domain worldwide. The ANI course and webinar offers cover the needs for training in today’s Instrument Flight Procedure Process.

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